About Banarasi Style


Banarsi Style is a brand that strives to give the world a taste of the true Banarasi art. We are a brand owned by Fabric Worlds, a store located in the heart of Varanasi (Banaras). The spirit of Banaras flows through out creation, where we aim to provide you with the heritage woven in the art blended with the modernity of the fashion world.

At Banarasi Style, we sell you Indianwear including sarees, dupattas, fabrics and unstitched suits that have been made with distinguished craftsmanship through the hands of generational artisans. With our blend of the old and the new, our clothing can be worn by women of all ages and from all places.

At Fabric World, we have both handloom and powerloom products. Behind these beautifully crafted and manufactured cloth are skilled Banarasi weavers. Our products, forged with the hardwork of these craftsmen, are a way to revive the Banarasi sari and make it available to people all over the world.

Banarasi Style was started by Ammar Iqbal, a young entrepreneur who learned the importance of the fabric and it’s rich history at the knees of his grandfather. His grandfather was a developer of the fabric. Ammar wants to not only work towards reviving the dying art, but also ensuring that when people buy Banarasi fabric, it is authentic and true to the art form.